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Subscription Box - Pre Order

Subscription Box - Pre Order

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Every month you will receive a box that virtually transports you to a surprise region of the world. Indulge in the beauty, history, and traditional healing of the area through botanicals and spiritual knowledge passed down through generations and millennia. 

Each box will contain:

Brief history of the spices from the featured region of the month.
Recipes for traditional foods used for healing.
Recipes for external use of spices and herbs (when appropriate for the chosen spices). 
Exquisite Spice Capsules filled with spices from the region that can be used to create the recipes included.
A complementary kitchen aid that represents the region.
A related spiritual talisman for good luck and blessings.

Every box is energetically cleansed and blessed before being sent on its way to you. 

$2 from the purchase of every box will be donated to charities in honour of Lisa and Indira. For more information about their stories, please see the "About Us" page.